My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Kuznetsky - “Microsoft is very good at momentum marketing. It can turn reports of strong growth in revenues, software licenses shipments, or clients being supported into a message that Windows NT is becoming the de facto standard.”
 Dan Kuznetsky - “If you look at the overall Internet, there is a mix of operating systems.”
 Dan Kuznetsky - “For database servers, app servers, and Web servers, the tools are all there now, or have been announced and will be shortly.”
 Dan Kuznetsky - “When someone is going to pay 3,000 for a Windows NT or Windows 2000 license, you can bet she is going to use it. If she pays 2 or even 50 or 150 for a Linux package, that doesn't necessarily mean it is going to get used -- or it could mean it was used 1,000 times by the organization. We just don't know how to count that.”
 Dan Kuznetsky - “Media reports often leave the impression that Windows NT is being adopted by organizations of all sizes for every conceivable mission and that organizations are abandoning their investments in other operating environments. However, when IDC shines the light of empirical research on Windows NT usage, a different view emerges.”
 Dan Kuznetsky - “It's a market that has been really difficult for us to get our arms around. We have no real way to track the number of copies of Linux that are installed. If a person downloads a copy from site, they could wind up installing Linux on one machine or a thousand machines. What we can keep track of is the money generated by commercial shipments.”
 Dan Kuznetsky - “The issue is whether a collection of server appliances performing the same functions as one multi-purpose server can be administered as one computer -- inputting user names only once, managing the network from one management console, etc. Until that happens, it won't reach a high level of acceptance because of administrative costs.”