My Favorite Quotes
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 Joel Kwiatkowski - “We haven't been very disciplined. We have to take our stick off guys. That's just about learning. Fifty games in, these are very important points for us.”
 Joel Kwiatkowski - “Just a lot of head games with myself. It took me a little longer, but it definitely paid off. ... I think it really helped my defensive game, especially trying to contain some of those forwards.”
 Joel Kwiatkowski - “We're definitely not believing we're done in this room. We've just got to keep going. It gets tighter and tighter. And, yeah, these games mean a lot, but we have to go right back at it today.”
 Joel Kwiatkowski - “It's very difficult when we're always leading and then we give up a goal in the last minute. Obviously they had a power play, but it's very frustrating. We've given away points like this -- probably nine games, off the top of my head, we've given away. Yesterday ... same thing. Those are points we're giving other teams that I don't think should have them.”