My Favorite Quotes
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 Ben Kwong - “I expect a pretty good growth from HSBC.”
 Ben Kwong - “I expect pretty good growth from HSBC.”
 Ben Kwong - “I expect the market to stage a mild technical rebound. Interest rate worries will continue to affect sentiment and limit momentum for the rise.”
 Ben Kwong - “It's time for a stronger open. Overseas gains will give local stocks a lift. But the rise will be moderate until the market gets a good excuse to move further up.”
 Peter Kwong - “Living in this gentrification environment is much more difficult for residents. Actually, what they're doing is killing the indigenous culture.”
 Ben Kwong - “It's time for the blue-chip stocks to catch up with the H shares. It's obvious that funds are switching to blue-chip stocks from the pricey H shares, which may have reached a peak.”
 Ben Kwong - “Property stocks rose because the market is speculating that other Hong Kong banks will also lower rates, reducing the burden on property buyers.”
 Ben Kwong - “If the HSI falls below the major support at the 50-Day moving average of 15,314, it might have a negative impact on the recent rally seen in third and fourth liners stocks.”
 Ben Kwong - “China shares will continue to get market attention.”