My Favorite Quotes
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 Danny Labasan - “Any time you lose, things never go your way. Toledo - on a senior night - they fulfilled their dreams. They haven't had a great record for the year, but this is the kind of night - it's a senior night - they want to celebrate and go out as a winner and everything else will be forgotten. They played very well. We, on the other hand, did not. We didn't look sharp. We turned the ball over a whole bunch of times.”
 Danny Labasan - “We did everything we were suppose to do in the first and second (quarters). I have always preached that anytime you can play a good team that they're going to come out (strong) in the third, especially in the third, and Newport came out in the third and we threw the ball away and the game got away. We came back in the fourth and we battled our way back as much as possible.”
 Danny Labasan - “Last game (of the) preseason, at the home court, the kids came out to play. (We) went into the locker room after the game and I said, 'You set a standard for yourself that now you come out and play for all four quarters.' We had an opportunity for that last shot.”
 Danny Labasan - “We did pretty good except for the first quarter. We were just a little bit impatient with our offense. In the second quarter we were very play-conscience. I was looking for lay ups only and that got us back into the game.”
 Danny Labasan - “They gain confidence with the added playing time.”
 Danny Labasan - “For a kid that only played three games of varsity ball last year and then to come out and step up this year as a ball handler - as a sophomore - I thought he did a really good job. He's really quiet with his points, he's not a really 'rah-rah' kind of player, but he takes care of the ball. He knows where the ball is supposed to go. He sees the floor very well. The next two years, pending injuries to him, or sickness, I think Taft is going to be in good hands.”