My Favorite Quotes
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 Dan Labbate - “When we got that goal I thought we had a chance. Even with five minutes to go, I thought we were going to come back. We've been a third-period team all year.”
 Dan Labbate - “We were kind of nervous on the bus wondering what it was going to be like. A lot of the schools here have been here four or five times and for us it's the first time.”
 Dan Labbate - “Something like this we'll probably never experience again. We shouldn't hang our heads, we had a great year. Two teams can't win a state title. That's life.”
 Dan Labbate - “On the ice, I don't even have to look for Paul Daley, I can just feel where he is. He doesn't even need a number out there. He's a great skilled player, but nobody can compare to him in the locker room. If not for him, I don't know if we even get as far as we did.”