My Favorite Quotes
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 Richard LaBounty - “I felt as though we had so many players who have played in these kind of games, and I didn't want to say anything to R.J.. I thought he would follow the lead of seniors.”
 Richard LaBounty - “Kyle hit his head on the steering wheel. He's fine, but we thought it was best we hold him out. We certainly didn't lose because Kyle wasn't in the lineup.”
 Richard LaBounty - “I thought we played well enough to win, and Rafael had a great game on the mound for us, so I was encouraged by those two aspects of the game.”
 Richard LaBounty - “He's a big-time performer. We're depending on him to give us the same type performance as he has in the past.”
 Richard LaBounty - “We bounced back after a tough loss to Gulf Breeze. I'm very proud of our approach.”
 Richard LaBounty - “He's the best fielding pitcher I have ever seen. He's probably the only guy on our team who can make that play.”
 Richard LaBounty - “I really had a great time playing for him. He was a great leader who instilled discipline in his players.”
 Richard LaBounty - “We had numerous opportunities, and we just couldn't get any big hits. You gotta give their pitchers credit. They threw the right pitches in situations to get us out.”
 Richard LaBounty - “I would think right now his only goal is to play for FAMU. I would think baseball is really in the back of his mind right now.”