My Favorite Quotes
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 John LaChance - “Even if the judge had allowed the case to go to the jury, I didn't feel they proved their case, and I was going to rest.”
 John LaChance - “He's very conscious of his duties. For him it isn't about just winning cases, but to get justice. He's not a prima donna.”
 John LaChance - “He thought what he was doing was morally right”
 John LaChance - “The truth has come out. He's been battling cancer. This whole experience has not been good for him.”
 John LaChance - “If he comes back, there's going to be a media circus at the church. There will be a media circus at the gravesite. The focus will be taken away from the poor mother and baby. Out of compassion for them, he might not come back and make his peace at the gravesite later. It's a case you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.”
 John LaChance - “This appears to be directly related to the testimony he gave in regard to his treatment by the DOC. He doesn't believe he did anything to provoke an attack like that.”
 John LaChance - “He's an extremely good trial lawyer. He does his homework. He prepares extremely hard for cases. He's a very articulate and skillful defense attorney.”
 John LaChance - “His mind started racing. His memories of all the sexual abuse he had incurred over his entire life came flooding back over him. He believed that what he was doing was right, that he had been ordained to do this.”