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 Rod Lache - “It doesn't give them the critical mass they need in Japan or any other Asian market. They want to have 25 percent of the Asian market. It's very strongly implied there will be more ma activity in the market.”
 Rod Lache - “Customers are unsure of what supplier pricing is, but they are assuming correctly that it is not as good as employee pricing.”
 Greg Blache - “He's one of those American success stories, and that's why I hope his career will end way at the top.”
 Rod Lache - “Our key takeaway from Toyota and Nissan presentations is that there may be more risk to our GM and Ford market share assumptions than previously thought.”
 Rod Lache - “This is no big surprise. It's been rumored for some time. As far as share price, I think it depends on who they put in there. Right now there's a vacuum. If they put someone in who is shareholder-oriented, it should help.”
 Rod Lache - “I don't see this as resulting in anything dramatically negative. Over time, you'll see incentives rising everywhere. But it's not anything scary yet.”
 Rod Lache - “Sales of 16 million now looks a lot less profitable than 16 million did a few years ago,”
 Rod Lache - “They've eroded a lot of their credibility over the past couple of years. (Now) the bar that they set has been lowered again.”
 Greg Blache - “Nic is going to have to step up and help us some in the pass rush because this is the number one passing team in the league, and we have to put some pressure on this guy.”
 Rod Lache - “I think it's a smart move because it's less deceptive. People who are going on the Internet can get the right news up front.”
 Rod Lache - “My feeling is that it (the Firestone brand) is irreparably damaged, ... I don't see how or why they would try to support the brand when they have a better brand (Bridgestone) that is unscathed by this news.”
 Rod Lache - “My feeling is that it (the Firestone brand) is irreparably damaged. I don't see how or why they would try to support the brand when they have a better brand (Bridgestone) that is unscathed by this news.”
 Greg Blache - “We had some young guys out there playing on Sunday, mostly out of necessity and partially out of it's that time of the year where they have to stand up and be accountable, and they have to help us get through ballgames. They have to help us in the rotation, and I think it will be a big factor again this week in Arizona.”
 Rod Lache - “Generally the product is a low volume product, very engineering intensive, so it's expensive to make. GM has too much car capacity and not enough truck capacity. Car plants are operating close to 70 percent capacity, while truck plants are close to 100 percent. You can use that manufacturing plant, maybe for a hybrid sports utility vehiclecar.”
 Rod Lache - “I think that (labor peace at GM) is largely the news here. They've lost a lot of momentum last year and previous years due to strikes.”
 Rod Lache - “I think it's almost impossible for Ford to distance themselves from the problem, but I think they've done a very good job conveying responsiveness to the U.S. consumer, obviously being more responsive than Firestone has.”
 Rod Lache - “Investors will have fresh questions about the feasibility of the company's 1 billion material cost savings goal in 2006. This is clearly a bad situation, but maybe not as bad as it originally appears.”
 Rod Lache - “No matter what it looks like, reaching a deal will involve some cost to GM, ... But on the positive side, we believe that GM will likely avoid a potentially devastating shutdown of its North American operations.”
 Rod Lache - “It looks like cost savings are trending better than expected and Asia and Latin America are getting close to turning the corner. On the negative side, Europe is having some pretty disappointing profitability.”
 Rod Lache - “When you can price much higher that means you can put a lot more content into the vehicles and can reinforce that brand equity by putting out exceptional products.”
 Rod Lache - “This result underscores our concern about GM's earnings concentration, which may be even more acute than we have estimated.”
 Rod Lache - “Language in the filing seems to suggest that a deal is not imminent and may not happen at all. Since the company appears to have suggested to the rating agencies that it expects resolution by the end of first quarter, we perceive elevated risk surrounding the sale.”
 Rod Lache - “The Firestone name is horribly damaged and it's definitely not clear they can survive the damage.”
 Rod Lache - “Korea is the sixth largest car market in the world, and companies need the distribution network that Daewoo has. It also is a good platform with its low cost small car to move into China. It might not be the hottest one at the dance, but it's the only single one.”
 Rod Lache - “It seems like perceptions in Detroit have changed quite a bit, and people are nervous about GMs future, ... This health care deal doesnt solve GMs problems, but its a very good step.”

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