My Favorite Quotes
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 Jean Lacordaire - “All that I know of tomorrow is that Providence will rise before the sun.”
 Jean Lacordaire - “In relations between the rich and the strong, between the rich and the poor, between the master and the servant, it's liberty that grinds down, and the law which liberates.”
 Jean Lacordaire - “Real excellence and humility are not incompatible one with the other, on the contrary they are twin sisters.”
 Jean Baptiste Henri Lacordaire - “Neither genius, fame, nor love show the greatness of the soul. Only kindness can do that.”
 Lacordaire - “Humility does not consist in hiding our talents and virtues, in thinking ourselves worse and more ordinary than we are, But in possessing a clear knowledge of all that is lacking in us and in not exalting ourselves for that which we”