My Favorite Quotes
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 Wenceslao Lada - “We expect the 5400 and 3500 series will fuel our continued industry leadership.”
 Wenceslao Lada - “Recruitment of resellers has advanced our opportunities by allowing us to go into much bigger accounts, especially in Scandinavia. Currently we hold a 50 percent market share in Finland, and that is partly due to a combination of working in channels for many years, and recruiting new resellers.”
 Catherine Hallada - “We basically have 12 people we know we can put out there in any position.”
 Wenceslao Lada - “We identified Russia and the Middle East as very important for development.”
 Wenceslao Lada - “There will also be investment in customer support. In the Middle East this year we opened a call centre in Dubai, and will continue to invest here.”
 Charles Lada - “Red dwarfs can live maybe a trillion years or so. Since the beginning of the universe, the red dwarfs that have formed, none of them have died.”
 Charles Lada - “This new planet may just be the tip of the iceberg. Red dwarfs may be a fertile new hunting ground for finding planets, including ones similar in mass to the earth.”
 Charles Lada - “By assembling these pieces of the puzzle, the picture that emerged was the complete opposite of what most astronomers have believed.”
 Charles Lada - “Whether planets around these stars could be Earth-like would depend on orbital distance. There have been extensive studies and it turns out these planets would have to be pretty close to their stars, although it would depend on the mass of the stars.”
 Catherine Hallada - “(The girls) were in it the whole game. They never let their heads go down and they kept preparing. (Live Oak) has a really strong team. If it wasn't for our defense to back up (pitcher) Sarah VillarThey definitely challenged us.”
 Catherine Hallada - “She's one of our most consistent batters this year.”
 Wenceslao Lada - “This will mean a tripling of investment in Russia and a doubling of investment in South Africa, and will continue over the next two years to gain the critical mass necessary for supplying customer needs.”