My Favorite Quotes
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 Osama Laden - “I call on all Muslims and Islamic charity organizations in particular to go to Pakistan and give a helping hand to the victims there,”
 Osama Laden - “We hope the operations will end soon,”
 Osama Laden - “By God's grace, ... we have formed with many other Islamic groups and organizations in the Islamic world a front called the International Islamic Front to do jihad against the crusaders and Jews.”
 Osama Laden - “I support any Muslims, whether here or abroad.”
 Osama Laden - “I'm fighting so I can die a martyr and go to heaven to meet God. Our fight now is against the Americans.”
 Osama Laden - “We do not mind establishing a long-term truce between us and you.”
 Osama Laden - “Even as you enter the fourth year after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush is still misleading and deluding you and hiding the real reason from you.”
 Osama Laden - “It appeared to him that a little girl's talk about her goat and its butting was more important than the planes and their butting of the skyscrapers.”
 Osama Laden - “The vice president also told Blitzer that we've got a pretty good idea of the general area ... I don't have the street address.”
 Osama Laden - “victory and glory or misery and humiliation.”
 Osama Laden - “remain vigilant.”
 Osama Laden - “We treat them in the same way. Those who kill our women and innocent, we kill their women and innocent, until they refrain.”
 Osama Laden - “worse than the Jews.”
 Osama Laden - “Robertson also said yesterday that sources that came to me ... these people who are considered terrorists.”
 Osama Laden - “We have repeatedly issued warnings, over a number of years. Following these warnings and these calls, anti-American explosions took place in a number of Islamic countries.”
 Osama Laden - “to go out and murder innocent civilians.”
 Osama Laden - “Bush the father did well in placing his sons as governors and did not forget to pass on the expertise in fraud from the leaders of the region to Florida to use it in critical moments.”
 Osama Laden - “We know that the majority of your people want this war to end and opinion polls show the Americans do not want to fight the Muslims on Muslim land, nor do they want Muslims to fight them on their land. Bush tried to ignore the polls that demanded that he end the war in Iraq.”
 Osama Laden - “Blair's policies will bring more destruction to Britons after the London explosions,”
 Osama Laden - “We call all humanitarians and those who carry peace to the world to intervene to stop the repeated bloodshed in the western parts of Iraq, ... And we say to the American occupiers to get out and leave Iraq to the Iraqis.”
 Osama Laden - “If you Americans are sincere in your desire for peace and security, we have answered you.”
 Osama Laden - “We had patience in our fighting with the Soviet Union with simple weapons for 10 years. We exhausted their economy, so they disappeared. We will not abandon our fight until the weapons run out.”
 Osama Laden - “I have sworn to only live free. Even if I find bitter the taste of death, I don't want to die humiliated or deceived.”
 Osama Laden - “We love death. The US loves life. That is the difference between us two.”
 Osama Laden - “And he moved the tyranny and suppression of freedom to his own country, and they called it the Patriot Act under the disguise of fighting terrorism.”

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