My Favorite Quotes
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 Jimmy LaFave - “Woody Guthrie was a very complex man. A lot of people don't know that, but they should. He wasn't some dust-bowl hobo. He was writing letters to Albert Einstein. He was a tremendous artist. People need to see that. He was an inspired man we must remember.”
 Jimmy LaFave - “This tour is such a joy for all of us. Everybody loves Woody Guthrie. Well, everybody should love Woody Guthrie. Woody deserves to be honored, not just for making great music. Woody should be remembered as perhaps the first singer-songwriter. Sure, there was Jimmie Rodgers, but Woody, for all intents and purposes, was the first guy out there singing songs he had written. And he wrote such great songs, which should never be forgotten.”
 Jimmy LaFave - “His message is very much valid today. He was about standing up for what was right. He took part in peace petitions. It's something we need to do now. A lot of what's going on now was going on when Woody was alive.”
 Owen LaFave - “Banks rely on sales for repayment, so if presales fall through the bank has a problem. You have to ask the question Is Tampa ready for upscale living at that price”