My Favorite Quotes
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 Wendy Lagareta - “Doing more with less. We receive less per pupil funding than DOE (state Department of Education) schools. We have learned to prioritize our budget and to put our money where our vision is.”
 Kitty Lagareta - “The talks are ongoing and I think we will have a contract ready by Tuesday (March 7) for the board.”
 Kitty Lagareta - “It became clear to us in that case there is no best practice and it is frequently something where you have to go with something that is the best for your institution.”
 Wendy Lagareta - “We are a school of choice. We receive more applications for students than we can select. Parent involvement is part of the mission of our school. The community of learners includes the parents.”
 Wendy Lagareta - “I think it's our food service. We're able to offer our children breakfast and lunch that's really good. The whole concept is based on choice. We offer fresh fruit every morning and for lunch we have a salad bar offered every day.”
 Kitty Lagareta - “We have seen David McClain in action for the past year and a half and feel strongly that he is the right person and the best person at the right time to take the university forward.”