My Favorite Quotes
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 Lars Lagerback - “Of course I am very satisfied - to win seven games and lose one is rather good isn't it.”
 Lars Lagerback - “I think we had a very good game, playing on this level equal with the Dutch team. It was a really good match and it could have gone either way.”
 Lars Lagerback - “Perhaps he stays in Italy and so learned from Machiavelli. We want to play to win this game. It's not a question of playing for a 2-2 draw so Italy will be out and to reach the second stage. We are going to play our game.”
 Lars Lagerback - “We heard now and again the result from the Italy game but I didn't hear about the final result until the end of our match.”
 Lars Lagerback - “It's an important game for us, the first time all the professional players are called. Ireland has a good side with a new manager and will give us a great game. They will play a strong game and it's vital to us to have a good performance. The result is of secondary importance.”
 Lars Lagerback - “Practically, it is a done deal. If you said anything else, you would be lying. But at the same time we are not there yet.”
 Lars Lagerback - “We don't want to set a time when he has to arrive (in Budapest). We'll wait and see.”
 Lars Lagerback - “Of course you feel extra pity for Tommy ending with losing on penalties. In a way it's always easier to lose a game when the other team is better and you can accept it afterward. So it was pity for Tommy, an extra pity.”
 Lars Lagerback - “It is always very difficult to assess the value of individuals but there is no doubt that Henrik will have a huge positive influence for us. He is also a great influence on the squad, the morale of the squad. His return is a very positive factor for us.”
 Lars Lagerback - “They are good opponents with a style of play like (our World Cup opponents) Trinidad Tobago and Paraguay. It will be extra fun to give the crowd a completely new opponent, since we've never ever faced them before.”
 Lars Lagerback - “Psychologically, it was important that we scored the goal. Then the players could relax but try to control the match. England also missed some good players.”
 Lars Lagerback - “They will have some smaller problems to restart the competition. Perhaps it is more a question of mental fatigue.”