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 Buzz Lagos - “The race for that final playoff spot is extremely close this year. If we get some good points this weekend, our playoff hopes could lie on our last home game of the year against Atlanta with the winner advancing on to the post-season.”
 Buzz Lagos - “We have a talented group of players, and it's just been one of those situations. We've just been proving ourselves by playing good, clean soccer.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “It will be a difficult task, but your capabilities will enable us to have a great government and a great woman.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “Yes, we had the information about that,”
 Ricardo Lagos - “Let's not interfere with justice, ... Let's let justice speak.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “This is not the Chile we want to build.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “Poverty is the frontier we have to be able to cross.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “It's important to see how we can advance in healing wounds.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “Let's not interfere with justice... Let's let justice speak.”
 Jose Lagos - “Now is not the time, because all the considerations have not been made. The impact would be catastrophic.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “I am sorry that the detectives detained me but were not on time to detain Jose Carrasco, ... Otherwise Carrasco would still be alive.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “Today, a leader with extraordinary legitimacy takes office and we hope to have the best of relations. We have excluded nothing from our talks.”
 Buzz Lagos - “I was glad Josh Wolff was out. He has been so hot and so dynamic. He would have caused us trouble. They brought in Chris Klein in the second half. I thought we contained him pretty well. He was another guy we were worried about.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “We need to be more careful, but more compassionate. We must strike, not deal with terrorists, but to broaden our understanding of the world outside our borders.”
 Marta Lagos - “She smashed traditional power structures, turned the system upside down. That's what people want.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “it shares the pain that those acts provoked.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “When Lula came into office, there was a lot of fear about how the government would manage the economy and a lot of confidence about how ethical the government would be, ... It is ironic that we are seeing just the opposite.”
 Marta Lagos - “Fifty-three percent to 47 percent is truly a landslide for a woman in Latin America. She, as a single mother, represents the hope of quashing inequality ... of power for the powerless.”
 Marta Lagos - “The speed of changes in values in Chile is much slower than in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil or Mexico. We are changing, but we are still lagging behind in leaving the traditional society for one that is more modern and open. So in the end it is a question of seeing the glass as half empty or half full.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “Something happened here that rarely happened in other meetings the call to speak out loud was taken up by everyone, ... At times, we all talked out loud, perhaps too loud, but it made the meeting that much more interesting.”
 Marta Lagos - “It diminishes the whole process to call it a leftist takeover much less a feminine takeover what's happening today is a takeover of the democratic majority.”
 Ricardo Lagos - “This initiative is part of our plans to put Chile at the vanguard of technological development. According to our projections, Chile will need more than 200,000 Internet technicians by 2002. Cisco Systems will no doubt allow us to speed up that process,”
 Ricardo Lagos - “I hope this situation with ex-President Fujimori in Chile is not an obstacle in our relations with Peru and I hope it does not mean any greater difficulty involving our differing points of view about our borders in the Pacific Ocean,”
 Ricardo Lagos - “I hope this does not mean a greater difficulty added to our differences of opinion over the frontiers in the Pacific Ocean,”
 Ricardo Lagos - “We Chileans have to be able to understand that in a democracy institutions must function freely and with sovereignty.”

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