My Favorite Quotes
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 Emily LaGrassa - “Neil Entwistle is still only labeled as a person of interest. We're not commenting on his whereabouts or where we stand in that piece of the investigation.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “For any time the alleged perpetrator is not in the State of Massachusetts, the time on the statute of limitations stops...”
 Emily LaGrassa - “He is in police custody in England at this time.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “Our information at this time is the extradition will be handled entirely by federal officials. This office has no further information regarding arrangements.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “We were not able to locate the victim.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “Were looking into the Web sites and trying to determine what relevance there is, if any. In any murder investigation, we would look into any and all motives, and a financial motive is certainly one of them.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “The investigation is still very active, and we continue to make progress. Other than that, there's not much else I can say.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “He will be held (at Bridgewater) for the next six months. If at some point during those six months (he is found competent,) then he will be brought back into court.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “(Carney) showed up at the courthouse...and agreed to turn over the (computer) that the Commonwealth was seeking in the discovery motion that was to be argued.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “If he comes back, he's a private citizen traveling. It's nothing that this office is involved in.”
 Emily LaGrassa - “If we are charging someone with motor vehicle homicide, then obviously we would be saying if alcohol was involved. But if there was an accident where someone was killed and it didn't seem as if anyone would be charged, I don't know.”