My Favorite Quotes
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 Merlin Lahm - “She's been in OK condition, and she's getting closer to race form. She was running great times last year.”
 Philipp Lahm - “Obviously we will be keeping our fingers crossed for Cologne. It would be great if we can win the title in front of our own fans.”
 Philipp Lahm - “This is my first big final and I cannot wait. I want to lift my first title.”
 Merlin Lahm - “He ran a little faster than we planned. The goal next meet is to really come back and go after it. When he gets back (to full strength) he'll improve our team. No doubt about it.”
 Merlin Lahm - “You have to give their girls credit. I was kind of disappointed with our girls, seeing how they finished, but most of their times actually compared favorably with the last time they ran the course.”
 Philipp Lahm - “We had our chances but we couldn't convert them, that was our problem. The group is still wide open, there's still a chance to advance.”