My Favorite Quotes
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 Ray LaHood - “What I told Edgar is I would write him a big check, ... I didn't offer to give him all my money.”
 Ray LaHood - “I don't really favor that kind of thing, ... I know you all like COOL up here ... but I cannot believe you're interested in having the government get involved in this thing.”
 Ray LaHood - “People used to write a letter, but since the anthrax scare it takes four to six weeks for a letter from Adams County to get to an office in Washington D.C.,”
 Ray LaHood - “We've got lots of time, lots of good ideas.”
 Ray LaHood - “The reality is the people have a hard time believing gouging or collusion is not taking place when they see these spikes, and I have a hard time believing it myself,”
 Ray LaHood - “Our leadership is optimistic and upbeat but the truth is, nobody really knows,”
 Ray LaHood - “They didn't like the unknown of not knowing who would follow on, ... There was no heir apparent.”
 Ray LaHood - “I was raised in Peoria. My wife was. It's a good town to raise kids in,”
 Ray LaHood - “There's an awful lot of work that will have to go on before there's any vote on Social Security,”
 Ray LaHood - “It is wrong that we are closing and realigning bases while we are at war,”
 Maria LaHood - “He applied the wrong legal standard and ignored the facts.”
 Ray LaHood - “He's a friend. We've been friends for 20 years and I really count him as a friend, and I don't have any reservation at all about saying I'd give him a substantial check,”
 Ray LaHood - “The people in my 14 counties don't want to go back to the old days, ... What about fair trade and free trade, what about markets”
 Ray LaHood - “In the end, the vast majority of people in my own district told me - either by letters, e-mails or personal contact - that they really wanted me to stay where I am, ... I had very few people in my own district say they wanted me to run for governor.”
 Ray LaHood - “We're not just going to pile it on the debt, we're going to pay for it,”
 Ray LaHood - “I find it hard to believe that the same gas which cost about 2.50 per gallon at 7 a.m. on Monday was priced at over 2.75 by noon that very same day,”
 Ray LaHood - “People can say all types of stuff, ... When I lived in Peoria before, people tried to convince me to run for things. I had an opportunity then and I didn't. I will say I'm never going to rule that out in the future. Politics is a lot about being in the right place at the right time.”
 Ray LaHood - “my 40-minute conversation with him.”
 Ray LaHood - “I think service is going to go right down the tubes, ... I think the flying public is in for real horror stories. If there was a vote by Congress on this, I think it would not go through.”
 Ray LaHood - “in support of those that are citizen soldiers who come from those communities.”
 Ray LaHood - “He made that decision based on a lot of personal things going on in his life, so I certainly don't fault him for deciding not to run, ... We will have many good candidates and our party's going to have to decide who we want, who the best candidate is to take on Blagojevich.”
 Ray LaHood - “I really hope I can bring balance and common sense and look at the matter in a serous way and do what I believe is best for the country,”
 Maria LaHood - “To allow the Bush administration to evade accountability and continue to hide behind a smoke screen of 'national security' is to do grave and irreparable damage to the Constitution and the guarantee of human rights that people in this country could once be proud of.”