My Favorite Quotes
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 Johannes Laitenberger - “The president said this proposal is unacceptable and he'll work to improve it. The final solution has to be acceptable not only to the member states but also to the European Parliament.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “This being said, the language being employed is certainly neither helpful nor proportionate.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “Enlargement beyond 27 members is certainly a difficult thing to contemplate in the current situation of the treaties.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “Jonathan's voice is under some kind of strain from a cold -- some kind of virus. No pun intended.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “We are not yet there and it is possible to come to a deal but more work is needed.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “We hope that before the (final) decision is actually taken, any proposal will be discussed ... before it is actually adopted.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “There is no reason as far as I know today to believe that Quartet unity has been undermined. On the contrary, the intensity of contacts among Quartet members attests to the close ongoing coordination.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “At this point in time, the commission urges the parties to the dispute to get back to the table of negotiation. The best possible solution would, of course, be for the parties to the dispute to solve the conflict between themselves.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “The best solution would be when the parties themselves can find a solution to the conflict.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “The commission calls on Israelis and Palestinians to show restraint to avoid measures which would weaken confidence at this critical time.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “The commission has noted the decree with concern.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “The Commission took note with concern the decree. We'd hoped there would be a process of discussion and consultation before it adopted such measures.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “If the operation is notified to the Commission, it will be examined in its competition and open market details.”
 Johannes Laitenberger - “It is most urgent to come to a deal in December. It is clear that it is not those most in need which have to bring forward the biggest sacrifices.”