My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Haslam - “I don't give so I can have influence over there,”
 Vitali Meschoulam - “This is part of the give and take that we've seen in the past few months. The timing is a bit complicated for Washington as it comes when the U.S. is trying to figure out what to do with Iran.”
 Jason Elam - “That's a good thing, ... And if we're settling for field goals, we might not have won the last two, especially the Washington game. It was big our offense came through.”
 Jason Elam - “It's exactly like golf,”
 Jason Elam - “Well, obviously, it's a different team, but we were a very mature team (in 1997 and 1998). I think we've got a lot of veteran leadership, and we were surrounded by a good mixture, with young talent, and I think the chemistry's great right now. We're very healthy. Hopefully we can keep this thing going.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “The government has, however, not received any intimation about the troops pull out.”
 Peter Lam - “Airwaves are a public resource. If the government does not have any other uses, it should fairly consider approving their application.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “We have protested to the Indian government over this provocative act in which one fisherman's life has been lost.”
 Vitali Meschoulam - “It's pretty much a fact Uribe will be reelected, and therefore from an outside point of view these elections are more important. Lack of support in the current legislature led the government to withdraw a tax bill and have a watered-down pension law.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “Our policy is that whatever information is required, questions can be forward to the government of Pakistan and we will do the investigation.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “No one in the Pakistan government has made such a request that such maps be removed.”
 Danny Lam - “People in the industry don't want to believe it, and most of the executives are still talking about the higher growth rate.”
 Nazrul Islam - “The investor will get tax holiday facility. Besides, when the international price goes down, it will have to pay lower.”
 Jason Elam - “It's the way it was back in '97 when we made our first run. No one gave us any hope. I don't think they gave us any hope until 2 minutes were left in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, we were such underdogs in every game we played that year. So we'll kind of let everybody say what they want to say.”
 Mohammad Aslam - “Now I am able to see some hope at the end of a dark tunnel.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “We hope the postponement will not affect the schedule of the ongoing Composite Dialogue.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “It is our hope that we will be able to implement this proposal this month.”
 Yusuf Islam - “We had this instrument sitting around in the house again, and it was very difficult for me not to pick it up. I was just glad I could remember the chords.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “A joint statement, to be issued at the end of the president's visit, will highlight the importance of agreements and understanding to be reached during his talks with Pakistani leaders.”
 Thomas Lam - “We have profited from a mutually beneficial relationship with Mr. Kowalski since 1996. We look forward to working more closely with him to improve our production and revenue capability.”
 Vitali Meschoulam - “This buyback would further improve the country's creditworthiness.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “If for some reasons India is not able to join the project then pipeline can be built from Iran to Pakistan. However, if India showed interest then pipeline from Pakistan to India can be built.”
 Abdul Kalam - “We are firmly committed to helping Mauritius overcome this temporary phase and India can be a partner and can fully share its experiences, particularly in the areas of sugar and textile with you.”
 Tasnim Aslam - “We have not yet received any list from India and our list has not gone to India.”
 Tasneem Aslam - “The OIC is perfectly within its rights to raise and talk about the Kashmir dispute, which is at the center of decades of tense ties between Pakistan and India.”

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