My Favorite Quotes
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 Ben Lamanna - “This weekend showed our immaturity. We're not the team that we thought we were.”
 Ben Lamanna - “Chris really took it to his opponent today. It was really good to see, because he was having some confidence issues, and he showed a lot of heart and guts.”
 Ross LaManna - “The history of 'Rush Hour' was the history of dodging bullets, ... One bad move by a producer or one bad casting call ... one wrong move and we would've been dead. Everything fell into place. It was just one of those things.”
 Ben Lamanna - “I told the guys, this is what they've wanted for a couple of years now.”
 Matt Lamanna - “We would like to go back there for years and years and years. Our goal is to know more about these creatures and to reconstruct their ancient ecosystem.”
 Matt Lamanna - “We dated them at 110 million years old. These birds would have lived alongside dinosaurs.”
 Ross LaManna - “I think unless you're someone like Gary Ross (writerdirector of 'Pleasantville') where you're at the point where you can direct what you write, there are going to be changes to what you do, ... As nice as the job is, you're still the bottom person on the rung as far as money and power go.”
 Ross LaManna - “He said, 'So I heard Disney is going to buy your script,' ... How can they read it that fast”
 Matt Lamanna - “The dinosaur-bird transition is the hottest topic in dinosaur paleontology.”
 Ross LaManna - “For about two weeks I wanted be a director, then I got wise to that, ... I changed my emphasis from directing to writing, because when you're a director you need actors, equipment. Being a writer you need a pen and paper there's no overhead.”