My Favorite Quotes
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 Nsombi Lambright - “It was just irresponsible for them to act so quickly with such an important bill. Government should stay out of the private medical decisions of women.”
 Nsombi Lambright - “Hurricane Katrina only highlighted existing human rights violations that had been happening all along. Any time that along the Mississippi Gulf Coast people are still living in tents because they can't get their homes rebuilt or there is no housing for them, it's just really shameful. It's like we are living in a Third World country in the south.”
 Nsombi Lambright - “We don't want to get into a shouting match with any anti-choice people because automatically, the conversation turns to religion and morality, and that's just not a conversation that we're going to have about this issue. It's not a religious issue, it's not a moral issue. It's a medical issue and a privacy issue.”
 Nsombi Lambright - “This extreme abortion ban would have threatened the health and lives of women across this state. This is a great victory for the women of Mississippi and speaks to an active and growing pro-choice voice in the state that is fighting to ensure that all women can access the reproductive health care they need.”