My Favorite Quotes
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 John Lammers - “It's always nice to get back to playing. Watching some hockey games back home you almost want to be right back out there right away. But it's always good to get a break, too.”
 John Lammers - “It's frustrating any time you lose, it doesn't matter how or where. It's extra frustrating when you get that many shots, but Bridges is a good goalie and he got the job done.”
 Duane Lammers - “People that watch programming now watch it either on a satellite dish or a cable. Very few people still just really, literally watch over an antenna. So for there to be this vast opportunity for programmers to put on whatever it is they want to put on with no accountability, and for me to have to face a license renewal and an FCC who is very well focused right now on obscenity and things like that -- I mean, I just think those issues need to be discussed.”
 Duane Lammers - “My conscience will be very clear if those stations come off (Jan. 1). There has been no contact for several weeks.”
 John Lammers - “I had no idea. All we really care about right now is getting two points and having team success.”
 Duane Lammers - “If my action causes people in our community to pay more attention to what they watch on television, I have accomplished my mission.”