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 Lou Lamoriello - “There's no question there are some hang-ups due to the arena -- it's one of the oldest buildings in the league, and there's no mass transit. But we made gains in the second half -- all we had to do is keep winning.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “It's always important to score the first goal. There's no question here tonight with the excitement (in Madison Square Garden) that the first goal was important.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “Not bad. I wish I could give you something definitive one way or the other.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “I've seen him score a lot of goals in this building.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “First of all, you have to score goals to win a hockey game and we have to generate a better offense.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “John gives the same game night in and night out. Tonight he got a couple of bounces and got a couple of goals. It's nice to see players like that get rewarded.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “Gomez has been scoring lately. We could have gone with anyone, but he's had a hot hand.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “He's always been a scorer, no matter what level he's been at. The question was, would his size get in the way. We found out quickly that the size of his heart never changed.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “He's been a leader on and off the ice as a hockey player and a person,”
 Lou Lamoriello - “He does the little things and he's strong. He's hockey strong.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “From what I'm told, there was a problem. There were some sticks being changed and switched to illegal ones. And you could not check like you could during a game, Too many players were using illegal sticks. Why should anyone be allowed to use illegal equipment”
 Lou Lamoriello - “That happens when a game is going like that, when someone is doing the job that Jay is doing on an individual player.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “As a team we aren't playing the way we think we are. We are making individual mistakes and collectively as a team we are not playing the way we have to play, the way we are designed to play.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “I couldn't ask for anything more, from the power play to the goaltending to the penalty kill.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “I thought all the lines did the little things that had to be done. Turnovers were minimal and I thought our power play moved the puck and had great chances.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “I don't know if everybody played better just because he was there, because he's only on one line. I thought all the lines did the little things that had to be done. Turnovers were minimal. Our positional play was one of the better. I thought our power play moved the puck and had great chances. That's all you want.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “I don't allow those things to even be a thought process. It's not in my vocabulary.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “I thought that was our best game over the last couple weeks.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “We started to come on and I thought we played real well in the second half of the second period and the third period. We never lost our composure, we just kept coming.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “We had two good days of practice. I thought we were ready to play tonight.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “Any time a milestone comes, you feel good about it. I don't think anybody was thinking about that or worrying about it, including Marty, if you know how Marty is.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “We all know what he has and we all know what the time frame is. It could be short, it could be a little longer. ... It's the doctors' call, not our call.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “He's progressing. It's going to take time.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “He feels he's accomplished a lot of things and now wants to devote a lot of time to his family.”
 Lou Lamoriello - “He is not any further back than he was. We're going to use the time right now.”

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