My Favorite Quotes
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 Karen Wayland - “It's so far in the future that it's not something you can hang your hat on right now.”
 Jim Leyland - “I think this guy's got a very bright future. You don't see stuff like that.”
 Dodge Dorland - “Telecommunications will remain very constructive, very hot. Several of the larger cap Internet stocks will behave well -- America Online will be one. The smaller Internet stocks will be the play of the future over the next three to six months.”
 Michael Holland - “I think here for a while we will probably digest the recent gains,”
 Marshall Strickland - “Coach Marsh has really been on us a lot the last couple of weeks. That's carried over to the games.”
 Dave Moreland - “On the big ships, you've got a casino, musical shows, organized activities and games. But on this ship, if you want somebody to entertain you, it ain't going to happen.”
 Martin Cleveland - “These games are exciting. I would rather have a blowout.”
 Matt Copeland - “We've had some other games that ended like this. That's what you get with a young team. Unfortunately, that's part of the process.”
 Jeff Rowland - “There's a lot of hype for those two teams. But we don't look at those games as having extraordinary significance.”
 Jeff Ruland - “Four games really caught up to them. You could definitely see that in the second half.”
 Jeff Ruland - “We won't get into dollar amounts. But I'll tell you we got the same amount for most of those games as we got from Seton Hall. So, what's the issue”
 Ken Holland - “There are some things that we know, ... We know our nucleus. They know the league. They know how to win. We've got a proud bunch of players. That's a good start. The new CBA has been put into place to level the playing field, but you know what At the end of 82 games, somebody has to be in first overall.”
 Howard Copeland - “It always bothers me a little when you play a team like that. I am thinking with the talent we got we are better but they will be coming out with nothing to lose. And if we don't come out with the intensity we should anyone can beat you. We've proven that all year long. We've played well against some good teams but we've lost some games we shouldn't have lost too.”
 Rene Portland - “I'd like to see their predictions come true. We can't sit back after these two games and say 'great' because we're not great yet but if we stay together as a team, a lot of good things can happen.”
 Karen England - “I am partial to plants that I can use. The herb garden affords a big palette to play with.”
 Bruce Cleveland - “If you want to consume any of the applets or engines that are in the 8.0 product line within an SOA, you can. That sets us up well for the next-generation SCA technology.”
 Jennifer Rowland - “AHC trades at an 18 discount to its peers ... which we believe is wide enough to compensate investors for the risks inherent in the stock -- namely, a price exploration strategy, significant downside risk should oil prices retreat, weaker free cash flow generation and returns.”
 Jim Leyland - “I'm not criticizing anybody, I'm not picking on anybody. You've got to give teams 27 outs. If you give teams 31 or 32, particularly a team that has the horses like the Yankees, you're going to get beat.”
 Rene Portland - “We started the second half so good. They call a timeout and the six points we had fought so hard to get we give away.”
 Lisa Hegland - “Do your homework. Never give more than 10 percent to start a job.”
 Jan Egeland - “They are in a desperate situation. We need more helicopters to reach them. We need more helicopters soon. Those who have given helicopters, thank you. Others, give us more.”
 Grant McCasland - “I was proud of the way we guarded and didn't give (the T-birds) too many second chances.”
 Rebecca Lindland - “I feel like people are going to look and say, 'Can I give up my job for 35,000”
 Jan Egeland - “The important thing is that we give and that we as citizens also demand that our countries give generously to those who have been so hard hit.”
 John Borland - “The people were so proud of being able to build up their assets. It seems to give them a sense of ownership, initiative, self esteem and pride.”

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