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 Jim Landale - “Hopefully his arrival will mark the beginning of a process which will see the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia fully living up to all of its obligations under international law.”
 Jim Landale - “The judge has to decide the merits of each application, looking carefully at the rights of the accused and balancing these with the interests of justice as appropriate.”
 Jim Landale - “We're very focused on getting him to trial. That's why his well-being is uppermost in our minds.”
 Jim Landale - “He has had over 45 hours of visiting time with his wife and over 20 hours from other family members.”
 Jim Landale - “This is the busiest we've been. Sometimes we've got courtrooms running from 8 in the morning until 7 at night.”
 Jim Landale - “This was unusual, although not totally unexpected. I think we knew that there could be the possibility of this sort of occurrence in court.”
 Jim Landale - “Cooperation has to be complete and unconditional.”
 Jim Landale - “Milosevic is now in their (Yugoslav authorities) custody, he is under their control, so they will be obliged to present the warrant to him with due diligence, without undue delay.”
 Jim Landale - “The EU has been very clear the U.S. has been very clear. There is no daylight between the two, and that has been understood in the capitals of the former Yugoslavia.”
 Jim Landale - “If there is any suggestion any of the accused is going to do himself harm then the appropriate measures would be put in place. You can safely assume he would be watched even more closely.”
 Jim Landale - “The next step is his first appearance in court. We expect that to be Tuesday morning.”
 Jim Landale - “He is charged with entering the camps to kill, beat and physically abuse the prisoners.”