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 Joel Hollander - “Just in these last few weeks ... we wanted to give this guy markets as big as Chicago and Detroit,”
 Dory Hollander - “See your job as a funding source for what you want to do next. Do what's required and do it as quickly as you can, then network with those who can give you the growth you need for the next job.”
 Xaviera Hollander - “You just can't be good in bed anymore. You have to be good at the keyboard too.”
 Rick Bohlander - “We hit the ball good (in the seventh). We did a good job to get six but it wasn't enough.”
 Paul Curlander - “Our revenue growth of 14 percent in the third quarter reflected the start of a major product transition in the corporate market, production constraints in the consumer market and adverse currency movements. Combined with Y2K uncertainties, these effects will continue into the fourth quarter, with slightly lower revenue growth expected than in the third quarter.”
 Paul Curlander - “OEM has been a strong area of growth for us. We are now seeing slowing in the OEM arena.”
 Justin Verlander - “That's the way I pitched all last year, using the off-speed to set it up a little bit more. I felt like sometimes I get into a habit of throwing too many fastballs and just relying on that, whereas I'm sure I could throw a lot more off-speed stuff for strikes.”
 Michael Nylander - “Here, he has been standing on his head. Why wouldn't he stand on his head there”
 Justin Verlander - “I'm hoping we can both learn a lot from each other and improve.”
 Steven Englander - “The interest rate advantage that the U.S. dollar had enjoyed has receded sharply over the last couple of days.”
 Eric Lander - “Now folks say 'I believe in this Internet world and I want to disclose my data before publishing ... but don't scoop me on my own project,'”
 Kalle Palander - “He's got five wins. I was thinking that if he wins the next two slaloms, I wouldn't like to be him going into the Olympics. I'd like to be me. It's a lot of pressure for him at home in Italy.”
 Rick Bohlander - “I think we played as well as they did for 623 innings. We hit the ball pretty hard, too, even though we only had three hits. We're playing better, but those little mistakes can kill us.”
 Steven Englander - “We thought the testimony was mostly in line with what people expected.”
 Dory Hollander - “People think the time to leave is when things become unbearable, or is a function of the time you've been there. It's not, ... The Doom-Loop System.”
 Dory Hollander - “Boredom is a big factor. When it's just a job, it's time to leave.”
 Michael Nylander - “This is the last real break before the end of the season and the playoffs and we should take the time to get our jump back.”
 Michael Nylander - “He's tried to score for a few games now. It's hard to play. It gets it off his back. Everybody wanted him to score all the time.”
 Justin Verlander - “From the get-go, I didn't have what I had last time, or my good stuff in general. I knew it was going to be a rough day, and I tried to battle through it.”
 Justin Verlander - “A little better. A little smoother, a little bit less nervous this time out. It's only my second time there's a lot of stuff to work on.”
 Mats Wilander - “He'll never beat Roger Federer unless he becomes a little more aggressive so I think it's time for him to maybe think about changing his game a little bit.”
 Dory Hollander - “You have a lot on your mind, just not work. The work doesn't challenge you and time hangs. Boredom is a big factor, ... When it's just a job, it's time to leave.”
 Michael Nylander - “Finally he gets that goal out of his head and off his back. Everybody wanted him to score, all his teammates and all the fans in New York, so it's good. At the same time, he wanted to get it over with, so it's good for everybody.”
 Nils Schyllander - “It was definitely our depth that won this match. We won at the four, five and six singles positions. Last year a lot of the time we'd win matches at one, two and three. This was how we wanted to replace (former Duck Daria) Panova and I felt like we did it.”
 Kalle Palander - “I was beginning to think I would never win again, but last year I was on the podium four times and this year I was close, so I was thinking it was still possible.”

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