My Favorite Quotes
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 Derrick Landrus - “We talked the other day and some of our goals are close to the same. We'd like to be fighting for the conference championship. Mount Zion is going to be tough. They won it last year and have everybody back, but we want to be in it until the end. We have a lot of guys to replace, but these guys have been pretty successful in the past and they are working hard.”
 Derrick Landrus - “It was a good game between two good teams. (Matt) Miller threw really well for his first start.”
 Derrick Landrus - “Those guys are in the part of the order where we can do that. Dane did a good job. Unfortunately, he hurt his finger doing that, but if anybody can come back from that, it's him.”
 Derrick Landrus - “That's one of the best individual performances you'll see out of a right fielder in high school.”
 Derrick Landrus - “We didn't really look at one of our goals as to win this meet, but it's nice. Zack Buxton's hard work over the summer paid off. I think some of the other guys are in a little better shape than they thought.”
 Derrick Landrus - “Thirty pitches. That was three innings last week and one today.”
 Derrick Landrus - “(Matt) Miller did a nice job pitching. The wind was blowing hard to left and he really settled down in the middle innings for us.”
 Derrick Landrus - “To come back after the tough loss in the first game, we needed that.”