My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Lane - “The inability to hold those gains is a sign that nobody really believed that there was a lot of upside.”
 Charlie Lane - “We don't have the same team we've had in the past. We all get frustrated. The last couple of games have been good, but we know what we've got to do. We'll get it done at the end.”
 Heath Lane - “The team that understands the game the most, and executes, wins close games. We'll get there, but it's going to take a while for (our players) to learn the game.”
 Drayton McLane - “We need some more shoes. Not only do I have to clean the mud, but I have to polish them. I wonder if No. 17 Lance Berkman is going to give us a tip. I'm working here. Want to see my technique”
 Jason Lane - “Lance got a big hit, and Lamb gets a big one, too, to give us a big lead,”
 Drayton McLane - “Each year, with our players, I ask them what their goals are. I said, 'Roy, what is one of your goals' He said, 'To own a bulldozer.' That kind of took me back a little bit. I had never heard that before.”
 Maurice Lane - “We've been playing as a team, and we all have the same goals. There aren't too many individuals on this team.”
 Justin Lane - “I kept looking for Hilliard to throw his curve, but he kept throwing me fastballs. So I kept taking good hacks at them.”
 Mark Lane - “Net flows were much better than anyone expected and the outlook of flows continues to be good.”
 David Lane - “One has to wonder if a better (city staff) team ... has ever existed within Clearlake City government, ... I will end now with a heartfelt hope that the City of Clearlake will continue to strive to become the best it can become.”
 David Lane - “The federal government makes a living off tapes and snitches. It's absolutely standard operating procedure.”
 Neal Lane - “CEOs of many corporations have begun to get the message that if the federal government continues to cut back on research funding, then this innovation is not going to happen any more, because these companies cannot afford to fund all the basic exploratory research that's needed at the front end.”
 John McFarlane - “Notwithstanding the higher investment spending in the past year, going forward, we will continue to invest in faster growth segments.”
 Justin Lane - “I've been struggling, pulling my head out. The coaches have been working with me on changing to a stance where I could keep my head in better.”
 Neal Lane - “We believe that the patient -- the health of Texas -- is in critical condition ... and that immediate intervention is required to stabilize the patient and offset impending worsening of the patient's condition.”
 Chris Spillane - “No complaints, no regrets. The better team won tonight. They are an outstanding hockey team. We have no reason to hang our heads.”
 Chris Lane - “We decided to donate the use of our second house.”
 Jennifer Lane - “On the surface, it was a good idea. But when we looked at it in more detail, it was more problematic.”
 Jennifer Lane - “On the surface, it was a good idea,”
 Zane Teilane - “I'm really ready to start working and improve my game.”
 Ian Macfarlane - “The real emissions are coming from industry. And it's industry which needs to embrace the technology.”
 Drayton McLane - “If you read the fine print, it says that (30 million) figure doesn't account for interest, depreciation and other things. You take all those off, and most of that disappears.”
 David Lane - “This is a woman who has done her very best to help out, ... The DA is doing everything they can to put her in jail.”
 David Lane - “This is a woman who has done her very best to help out. The DA is doing everything they can to put her in jail.”
 Nathan Lane - “It's hard to top this. There is no bigger deal in jazz.”

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