My Favorite Quotes
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 Adam Lanehart - “Coach always says to play the game, not the name, and we usually always come to play the name. But today we came and played the game. Wow. It's unbelievable.”
 Adam Lanehart - “I think we realized the opportunity we had might be slipping through our fingers and we wanted this bad.”
 Adam Lanehart - “I think we wanted it more. We came off that big loss to Hand (15-7 on Saturday) and we just wanted to prove ourselves to everybody in the state that we're capable of playing with everybody.”
 Adam Lanehart - “I used to play for Wilton Youth Lacrosse. I know all those players so it's amazing. I never thought we'd beat them. Ever.”
 Adam Lanehart - “This is the biggest win in the history of the program, by far.”