My Favorite Quotes
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 Jon Langenfeld - “You have both FedEx and UPS basically giving out the same list price increases for 2006 and the message is clear in that neither wants a price war. If you layer their actions into the fact that you also have the (U.S.) post office increasing rates next year, it seems like the pricing environment is pretty healthy.”
 Jon Langenfeld - “However, we continue to look for better growth trends in the core (fleet management solutions) business. Full service leasing growth remains the key to the story and we are waiting for accelerating organic growth before becoming more constructive on (Ryder).”
 Jon Langenfeld - “If you look over the long term, we expect global trade to grow about two to three times faster than the domestic U.S. economy. TAL will benefit from that because they have one of the longest tenures in this industry and they are one of the most highly respected companies out there.”