My Favorite Quotes
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 Hanno Langenhoven - “Obscene richness in the light of extreme poverty is a grave injustice.”
 Hanno Langenhoven - “In search of harmony it is impossible for us not to acknowledge and respect each others realities and not to realize that Reality might be more than the sum of our realities.”
 Hanno Langenhoven - “The route to a destination is dictated by the start location of the one that makes the journey.”
 Hanno Langenhoven - “We cannot afford the over-consumptive paradigm of the day it is either feast today starve tomorrow or moderate today survive tomorrow”
 Hanno Langenhoven - “In Being God is not limited by love, but is rather defined by it.”
 Hanno Langenhoven - “Christians need to realize that the Third (or Newest) Testament is critical for the integrity of their witness the way they live.”
 Hanno Langenhoven - “People need to rediscover the ability to find comfort amidst discomfort. It is only while enduring discomfort that we find solutions.”