My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Langerman - “These stocks are home runs. People can choose what they want to do with their money. If they understand what we're about and what our objectives are, they're comfortable with what we do and our long-term objectives.”
 Peter Langerman - “That was paring the number of positions that were small positions. We're focusing on big positions and focusing on where our money will have the best impact.”
 Peter Langerman - “Were we tempted to change our style No. We can control the things we own and the things we're buying and selling We believe in our approach and we see no reason to change it.”
 Peter Langerman - “The outside directors have unanimously taken this decisive action because we have lost confidence in Mr. Dunlap's leadership.”
 Peter Langerman - “News of the legislature's action has led this morning to a further drop in the value of Sovereign. Enactment of this legislation will impair the value of all Pennsylvania corporations.”
 Peter Langerman - “This is an extraordinary abuse of the legislative process major amendments to an important law affecting substantial rights, slipped into a bill in the middle of the night, without any debate... apparently all for the benefit of a single special interest.”