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 Larry Langford - “If you raise 4 million by October, we'll give you the other 1 million.”
 Keith Langford - “It's a scare, but that's past tense, just like last year. If history repeats itself, it'll be just like last year, and we'll play better the next game and the next game after that.”
 Keith Langford - “I kind of panicked a second. You feel bad for Wayne if he is hurt because he wasn't able to participate in last year's tournament. We got a big enough lead we didn't have to play him at the end.”
 Richard Langford - “Conceptually, I don't have any problems with this idea. It's just a question of where do we start and how do we get there.”
 Simon Langford - “We're just about to enter the next phase where those suppliers will push their information to us as they ship the products. With this process, we will have the capability to see product on the way to us.”
 Simon Langford - “The system could be reading tags in the background and giving the associates information on what they need to do. We need systems to help people move product to the shelf. It's the last 50 yards where products are brought to the store shelves that's the hardest.”
 Richard Langford - “This program only applies to sales taxes collected from this site. And the money will be sent back to Russell Lands for their investment. This program does not apply to any of the businesses that may be located on this property.”
 Darrell Langford - “I thought our kids competed excellently.”
 Bonnie Langford - “What stopped me is the thought I might get stuck in there. I couldn't take being in the spotlight all the time.”
 Keith Langford - “It's about time. We have had games like Vermont, Nebraska and South Carolina where we've played teams to the last few possessions in our own building, and with the kind of fan support we have they deserve a game like this. For the fans that stuck with us and are really behind u, that was for them.”
 Darrell Langford - “It's going to be kind of getting our feet wet and getting enough practice in. Our kids have been working hard and really putting their time in during practice.”
 Simon Langford - “In 2002, we were involved in the early implementation of RFID readers as part of the Auto-ID Center field trial. Those early readers took hours to install and minutes to destroy. But we learned a lot, and we have been applying that knowledge.”
 Darrell Langford - “We got into foul trouble early. It kind of kept them in the game but we made up for it at the end.”
 Larry Langford - “It's a big step in fire communications the biggest upgrade that's been undertaken in at least 25 years.”
 Larry Langford - “People were talking over each other, and they couldn't hear because radio traffic was so heavy. With the new system, there will be many more available channels.”
 Darrell Langford - “That's a foot higher over her PR, so this was a good day. For us it was an opportunity to get back on grass and a good runway.”
 Keith Langford - “I don't know what team plays better on the road than home. In my opinion in any league it's tough to accomplish wins on the road. We've got to go back to the drawing board. We've got another road game (at Missouri) and we'll try to win it.”
 Larry Langford - “I'm told they may have had some original sheet music, but they're still trying to get in to see what may or may not have been damaged. Everything else in that building appears to be burned ... just destroyed. If you look at it from the air, all you see is the walls.”
 Simon Langford - “If the displays don't make it onto the floor in time, Wal-Mart has not maximized sales and is carrying too much stock at the end of the promotion.”
 Larry Langford - “The Chicago Fire Department has ruled the cause of the fire undetermined. The amount and type of flammables within the structure make it difficult to determine what did or did not contribute to the start and spread of the fire. If new information becomes available, the department will review its findings.”
 Richard Langford - “The concept under this plan is for new customers to be responsible for the majority of the required new capital when needed.”
 Rudy Langford - “Tell us who changed the plan. He ought to be fired.”
 Keith Langford - “It felt nasty. I didn't think I'd make it. It was good. Anytime you can make a play and help get the crowd involved, it's a positive.”
 Richard Langford - “Ours is a fixed cost for another three years and we are not going to have the revenue to offset that cost.”
 Keith Langford - “I knew at the worst they'd hit a three-pointer and we go to overtime. Last year Holy Cross led us at halftime. This time I felt our team was in control of the game. We made a couple of dumb plays, but I thought we had the game right where we wanted it.”

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