My Favorite Quotes
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 Franklin Langham - “I am pleased with my play up to this point. It is a great place to be, but you've got to keep plugging away. I'm hitting good golf shots and keeping the ball in front of me.”
 Geoff Langham - “Earnings have come in mixed and you have to pick your stocks carefully. The overall outlook for the markets is good.”
 Franklin Langham - “I am pleased. It played tough again today with the cold and the wind. Fortunately I got off to a good start and made some putts early.”
 Geoff Langham - “In the longer term, you can't go too far wrong holding oil stocks with these prices.”
 Geoff Langham - “We are looking at where the next lift to markets will come from and people are not so sure. With oil prices this high, it will be an additional weight on markets.”
 Geoff Langham - “There has been a lot of MA news and that makes stocks more attractive. It shows companies are still finding value and there is a lot of money to spend.”
 Franklin Langham - “It was a tough day. I had trouble pulling clubs, the wind was up and down all day. I didn't make as many putts as I did the first two days, but I hung in there. It sure left a good taste in my mouth to make those last two.”
 Franklin Langham - “I hung in there today. It sure left a good taste in my mouth to make those last two.”
 Geoff Langham - “Clearly the cycle of rising global interest rates has only just started, and this is likely to make it a very tough environment for equities through the second half of the year.”
 Geoff Langham - “Tomorrow is set to be another busy day on the U.K. corporate calendar and this stands to provide some direction, but U.S. economic sentiment in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina looks set to continue to dictate where the major indexes go next.”
 Geoff Langham - “However, it remains to be seen as to whether these gains can be extended ahead of the year end -- profit taking is still a clear risk.”