My Favorite Quotes
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 Layne Langholf - “In addition to leading us in assists, Heather was an efficient scorer. When we needed a big shot, she could make it.”
 Layne Langholf - “It may take a committee to just replace them on the floor. Their leadership will be sorely missed.”
 Layne Langholf - “Her hard work and commitment have opened up a lot of doors. We are going to miss her leadership and the fact that she played in over 100 varsity games.”
 Layne Langholf - “Elise is a kid who had just an amazing career. Her consistency was amazing. She is a very versatile player. I also thought she was playing the best basketball of her career the last two weeks of the season.”
 Layne Langholf - “Heather played the most minutes for us. She was the coach on the floor and got more comfortable with it as the season progressed. She developed the ability to know the situation.”