My Favorite Quotes
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 Crystal Langhorne - “None of us knew where we were going. We were coming from practice and I'm like, 'This isn't the way back to the hotel.”
 Crystal Langhorne - “I still don't think anybody's going to expect us to win the championship game. Everybody keeps on saying we're too young, but look at us now. We've played so many minutes, we're like juniors right now. I don't think our youth matters anymore.”
 Crystal Langhorne - “My teammates gave me the ball in the right places. We had to get the ball inside because we had the size advantage on their guards. My coach told my teammates to give me the ball. That was the difference late in the game.”
 Crystal Langhorne - “My teammates were getting me the ball in the right places and our coaches just trusted me to get the ball inside because of we had size advantage.”
 Crystal Langhorne - “My teammates were just getting me the ball in the right places. Sometimes they were doubling up on me, but we worked on that in practice. We were really spread out, so that gave me a lot of room to work.”
 Crystal Langhorne - “We thought we could win the national championship before every one of our games. I think this just gives us more confidence.”
 Crystal Langhorne - “We had a lot of turnovers (26), but we told each other to relax. We wanted to take our time and take care of the ball.”
 Crystal Langhorne - “I'm not worried about that. A lot of Kodak All-Americans wish they were here playing for the championship. We have five players who average in double figures. We're not just about one player.”
 Crystal Langhorne - “I consider those kind of like misses. I wasn't really paying attention.”