My Favorite Quotes
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 Utu Langi - “I think it holds a lot of potential for the future, however they are able to divide the money.”
 Utu Langi - “Some people here are trying to get out of this place. Nobody wants to stay here forever. They keep trying, but you know what, times are hard. And they keep falling back into homelessness.”
 Utu Langi - “I want to ask the mayor, where are these people going to go To uproot them and tell them to move, to where, to me is wrong and it's an outrage.”
 Utu Langi - “We're not going to leave this place until they come up with a plan for you folks.”
 Utu Langi - “Today that decision shows that they probably heard the voices of those who don't have any place to go. That, to me, is something, and I appreciate that. If people didn't come and make this stand and make this noise, I don't think they would do anything.”
 Utu Langi - “This kind of stuff needs to be stopped. They treat these people like animals. We need to take a stand.”