My Favorite Quotes
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 Jami Lanz - “She's a big inspiration to me. She's a strong person, and she's a very strong gymnast.”
 Dustin Lanz - “We just stiffened up late in the second quarter and in the third quarter. You could tell they were a little confused.”
 Jami Lanz - “This has been pretty awesome. I would never have thought I would be this successful at all. I knew Tanya and (associate head coach Mike Chaplin) were amazing coaches and they'd help me do whatever I could, but they've brought me to a whole new level.”
 Dustin Lanz - “Either he was creating it or he saw an opening and was gone. He probably went to the hoop 20 times.”
 Dustin Lanz - “It was an elite feeling, just knowing this is your alma mater. We took the kids to heights unknown at this school.”
 Dustin Lanz - “It was senior night - we just let them coach. We said it was working so well, let's keep doing it.”
 Dustin Lanz - “Nick was unbelievable. He had a stellar night.”
 Dustin Lanz - “I told the guys 'you get to run whatever you want to run - it's your night'. We just substituted for them - that's all we did.”
 Dustin Lanz - “It's a very special night, especially knowing we're playing for a championship. We were kind of given a gift tonight.”
 Dustin Lanz - “It's so hard to beat a quality team that can give you fits every night (three times in a row). The kids were totally focused.”
 Dustin Lanz - “We watched film of the last time we played them. I think we're just very excited to play them - to get another chance. We need to) change things up - we've got to be very physical when we put pressure on them.”
 Dustin Lanz - “Of the nine teams, that's the team we want to play. We played a horrible game (Dec. 22). I think we have great momentum. We're probably as confident as we've ever been.”
 Dustin Lanz - “We made him work - all of his shots were outside shots. The hand was right there on the shot - even on the 4-point play.”
 Dustin Lanz - “It was probably the best game we have played all season, despite the loss. We controlled the tempo and our game plan was to work the shot clock down to around 15 seconds on every possession and then score. We executed our game plan perfectly and met every single goal.”
 Dustin Lanz - “I think it's probably the best coaching job he's ever done. He had them playing high-caliber from Day 1. He somehow motivated them to perform. It's fascinating how he made that team completely click.”
 Dustin Lanz - “We went deep into roster, and Steve Salisbury scored a pair of crucial baskets inside. They are not always spectacular, but they get the job done well.”
 Dustin Lanz - “I think he's just a very good all-around player. He can score from all areas of the court, and his defense has improved. He's an experienced player, and he's very poised for someone his age.”
 Dustin Lanz - “He was the difference in the game. We think he's probably the best player that ever stepped on this court.”
 Dustin Lanz - “I think just knowing we've been in those situations before helped. You could tell they weren't stressing, and they put in the extra effort. This is something that builds a lot more confidence.”
 Jami Lanz - “I think throughout the season we all learned to focus in and that the team was a big part of it. Sticking together as a team was a huge part of it. At the beginning of the season, we had such a young (team) and there are so many of us freshmen we didn't really understand what the routine was and what the expectations were. We learned from every competition.”
 Dustin Lanz - “They outplayed us in every aspect of the game. They got more rebounds, they hustled more than us and they took care of our full-court trap. They just wanted it more.”
 Dustin Lanz - “It would be the biggest thing that's ever happened to Tokay basketball.”
 Dustin Lanz - “It was offensive rebounds and the free throws. I'm very proud of the kids. This is the greatest group of basketball players and individuals we've had at this school.”
 Dustin Lanz - “Oliver is probably the best high school basketball player that has ever played here on this court. He is just a phenomenal scorer. He hit every shot with a hand in his face. I don't think we could have guarded him any tighter than we did and he still made them, even on the four-point play.”
 Dustin Lanz - “They don't make many mistakes. They're fundamentally sound and you can tell they pay attention to the details of the game.”