My Favorite Quotes
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 Skip Laper - “This is a very big win for us, over a very good Ripon team. I think our girls really grew up tonight. I told them to not hang their heads, no matter what Ripon does. Our girls never gave up and they learned they can play in big games.”
 Skip Laper - “I'm happy with how the girls are starting the games.”
 Skip Laper - “It's really been kind of a tale of finding a third person in each game to step up. And we've had different people in each of the tournament games.”
 Skip Laper - “I thought early on we missed a few shots that we'd been making normally. We lost a little composure early on and became hesitant.”
 Skip Laper - “Lourdes gave us a tough game at home. They held us to 35 points the first time and we talked about how aggressive Lourdes is defensively. The kids were ready.”
 Skip Laper - “Our youth has really helped us.”
 Skip Laper - “After a tough loss Tuesday I was happy with our defensive intensity.”
 Skip Laper - “Compared to three years ago, I believe that this conference has come a long way in developing some good players. It was neat watching these younger kids battle each other and a lot of them play on the same teams in the summer.”
 Skip Laper - “I was very tentative going into this year with this mixture of seniors and younger kids. But the kids deserve a lot of credit. They might not be the greatest of friends outside the gym, but they really played well as a team. They just made my job so much easier.”
 Skip Laper - “I thought both teams did an outstanding job on the defensive court and really made it tough on both offenses. It was a battle all night long.”