My Favorite Quotes
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 Mike LaPlante - “The difference in the game was turnovers. We had more possessions than they did, and that proved to be the difference. This was a good quality win for our team.”
 Kim LaPlante - “Finding information is what we do all day long.”
 Kim LaPlante - “Most questions focused on three areas assistance with homework, how to do research and how to access library resources. That's where a professional librarian comes in handy.”
 Mike LaPlante - “Morehead State was only averaging about maybe 60 or 63 points a game. Once we scored 70, you knew they were going to have a hard time beating us. We had 70 points with probably ten minutes to go in the game.”
 Chris Laplante - “We have all of the original plans, about 130 sheets of plans, that we used in designing and building the Texas State Capitol Building.”
 Mike LaPlante - “I though we shot the ball very well, put ourselves in position to win the game. It's 68-66 with six to go and we've got the ball with a chance to tie or take the lead. Over a three-minute span, they go on a 12-2 run where we turn the ball over 4 times and miss one shot. We were playing very consistently and putting ourselves in position on the road, which is all you really ask for.”
 Mike LaPlante - “When we got down by double-digits, I thought we started to force it offensively. The guys are meaning well, but I thought they became impatient and tried to get it all back at one time. We got a little impatient with our shot selection.”
 Denis LaPlante - “The main challenge here is that critics will say they haven't demonstrated the revenue growth they've promised in the past. But we like the transaction. We're comfortable with the premium and the management after the merger will be a very strong one.”
 Mike LaPlante - “I thought we came back in the Morehead game with great focus and great energy on the defensive side of the ball. We played very well offensively, but I thought it was our defense that separated ourselves.”
 Mike LaPlante - “We're the leading offensive team in the league, but we're dead last in defense. Part of that is we make the game a lot of possessions. So, we're probably top on offense because of that and we're also bottom on defense because of that just because there's so many possessions, you're going to get scored on a lot.”
 Denis LaPlante - “When it comes to credit quality and provision for losses at the banks, if we're not at historic lows, we're certainly close to cycle lows. It's likely credit costs are going to be going up next year.”
 Kim LaPlante - “No one library can ever hold all of this information in one place. It's also facilities. It's also staff now the community members will be exposed to so many.”
 Kim LaPlante - “This service brings the expertise of a librarian into homes throughout our community.”
 Kim LaPlante - “This is phenomenal. Students from any of the partner colleges can now go to the other college and use their library, all their resources, their professional staff. We're talking over a million books combined.”
 Mike LaPlante - “This was a really big win for us. We really needed to get back on track at home, and for our guys do it the way they did by fighting from behind says a lot about what this team is capable of accomplishing.”
 Mike LaPlante - “We really needed to come out and win this game tonight. We are trying to secure a home game in the league tournament, and have to take care of business at home to be ale to do that. B.J got hot in the second half and made some big baskets for us to help us pull away.”
 Chris Laplante - “These are the records from Governor Bush's administration going all the way back to the back wall.”
 Mike LaPlante - “He's going to be great. He's one of those guys that you can put him in any environment and he's going to adapt and excel.”