My Favorite Quotes
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 Matt LaPorta - “That's just the kind of competitor he is, and I love it. When he goes to the mound we get everything he has. He's always, 'Give me the ball,' even in high school.”
 Joan Laporta - “We're going into it with caution but also with hope.”
 Matt LaPorta - “Personally, I thought it was probably uncalled for, but the umpire thought it was the right thing to do. We couldn't believe he got ejected.”
 Matt LaPorta - “It was a little sore after Miami. I knew I would be OK (against FAMU) as long as I didn't swing and miss.”
 Matt LaPorta - “It doesn't mean anything. That's stuff from the past. That's last year. You don't live in the past. You live in the present. You live in the future. We've got to be No. 1 at the end of the season.”
 Matt LaPorta - “They made runs at us but we stuck to our game plan and came out with the win. We were a little flat last night and came out today with more intensity and stuck to the little things.”
 Joan Laporta - “The decision by the CSD I understand will be in the week that comes and, despite of everything, I have confidence in which Messi will play very soon.”
 Joan Laporta - “The president of Sevilla was proving to be very belligerent on this topic, ... and one of the agreements was that he wouldn't oppose this decision if we loaned Saviola.”
 Matt LaPorta - “The way we won Sunday, it is huge. It shows our team and it shows everybody else in the country that we are not quitting until the last out is made in the ball game.”
 Matt LaPorta - “You know, I thought at the beginning of the season that we would have a better club than we're showing right now. This is stuff that a lot of people on the team have never dealt with before, failure. It's tough, and it's something new for a lot of guys.”
 Joan Laporta - “We are very satisfied with the agreement,”