My Favorite Quotes
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 Phil Larder - “Clive would be outstanding in that position and I fervently hope he gets it.”
 Phil Larder - “It is no surprise to me that fundamental skills are breaking down. There is a lot to do in a very short space of time. One of the things put on the sidelines is work on basic skills. The breakdown of those skills has been a major factor in the losses.”
 Phil Larder - “He leads from the front, is very good at delegating and has an incredible strength of character. He's got great humility, too. If he makes a mistake he just rolls his sleeves up and gets stuck in. He's one of those types that players want to play alongside.”
 Phil Larder - “I don't react to criticism from outside the camp, I react to a pretty awful performance.”
 Phil Larder - “The defeats have not shaken my belief in what I'm doing. I'm confident that I'm the right guy for the job and that I'm doing a good job. You know that if you lose a certain number of games your position might be a little bit insecure. This is a pressure job. It's the name of the game. I don't react to criticism from outside the camp. I react to a pretty awful performance. That was the worst performance I've been associated with.”