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 Ali Larijani - “If they think that we are going to surrender by threats of being referred to the (UN) Security Council, they are making a mistake.”
 Ali Larijani - “New proposals can be focused on avenues to prevent Iran's uranium enrichment from being used for military purposes, and such proposals will be welcome.”
 Ali Larijani - “Inspections will be restricted. They will not have the right to go to military sites which we had so far allowed them to go to. Some of their cameras will be taken down.”
 Ali Larijani - “We have said long before that the matter of research is not part of the negotiation, research has its own meaning and it has nothing to do with producing fuel industrially.”
 Ali Larijani - “Iran has prepared itself ... they will get a crushing response if they make such a mistake.”
 Ali Larijani - “If they set a deadline, it will, from Iran's point of view, make no difference from being referred to the U.N. Security Council and Iran will react in the same manner.”
 Ali Larijani - “Going to the Security Council will certainly not make Iran go back on research and development.”
 Ali Larijani - “If they set a deadline, it will, from Iran's point of view, make no difference from being referred to the U.N. Security Council, and Iran will react in the same manner.”
 Ali Larijani - “If we are referred to the Security Council, problems might occur for others as well as us. We would not like to use our oil as a weapon. We would not like to make other countries suffer.”
 Ali Larijani - “Inside Iran, too, the public opinion and the elite saw many serious faults with these talks. On what basis or logic have Iran's nuclear talks been limited to, and conditional upon, the three European governments”
 Ali Larijani - “Our view of this offer is positive, and we tried to bring the positions of the sides closer. This plan can be perfected in the future, during further talks that will be held in February.”
 Ali Larijani - “We welcome any plan that will allow us the peaceful use of nuclear energy.”
 Ali Larijani - “We have got to solve the issues in accordance to today's situation. The facts on the ground have changed a lot. We can create stability and security in the region but not with the sort of rhetoric and language Mr. Bolton is using. What is needed is sensible people who can think of a long-term plan.”
 Ali Larijani - “We plan to construct two more nuclear power plants. We will do it through an international tender. It is part of meeting our electricity needs. It is not a secret issue.”
 Ali Larijani - “We are of the same idea that this plan should be considered in the IAEA and in a peaceful manner.”
 Ali Larijani - “Do not doubt Iran has prepared itself for a tough situation.”
 Ali Larijani - “If they want guarantees of no diversion of nuclear fuel, we can reach a formula acceptable to both sides in talks.”
 Ali Larijani - “I think Iraq is a good testing ground for America to take a harder look at the way it acts. If there's a determination in America to take that hard look, then we're prepared to help.”
 Ali Larijani - “Suspension of research and development of uranium enrichment is unacceptable to Iran, given that we have gained the relevant expertise and the nation's determination to continue the process.”
 Ali Larijani - “If a real democracy succeeds in Iraq so that all groups can participate in it, that government can be a real, established government. We are against Americans creating an imposed democracy in Iraq.”
 Ali Larijani - “We do not have any extraordinary demands.”
 Ali Larijani - “We told the foreign ministers that enrichment for research purposes is Iran's acknowledged right as a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and therefore we will not accept any demands of suspending it.”
 Ali Larijani - “We are not interested in using oil as a weapon ... but if the conditions change it could affect our decision.”
 Ali Larijani - “We have no interest in using oil as a weapon because we value the international community's security, but if the situation changes, our decision making and relationship will change too.”
 Ali Larijani - “Iran will not start a crisis.”

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