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 Adam LaRoche - “The hits are nice, but the important thing for me is I was hitting the ball hard, ... I had a rough night and I had to correct things.”
 Marty Laroche - “It gets frustrating at times, but I do like our team and I believe we're heading in the right direction. It's just a matter of using those lessons learned and applying them the next time so the same mistakes don't happen again.”
 Adam LaRoche - “The hits are nice, but the important thing for me is I was hitting the ball hard, ... I had a rough night and I had to correct things.”
 Marty Laroche - “We got the final word early last summer and it was tough news to take. Miles played a majority of the minutes a year before, but that's what high school hockey is all about. You have to find guys to replace departing players.”
 Marty Laroche - “We've had a lot of guys thrown into roles they weren't accustomed to, and when you do that they may play well one night but then struggle the next. What were striving for is to get that consistent effort night in and night out. When we don't show up mentally, it shows on the scoreboard.”
 Marty Laroche - “Conditioning is a big part from the goaltender perspective. It's also repetition and facing as many shots as he can. He did a good job of that (last) summer, getting himself more confidence. When you haven't played that much, that's what it comes down to is a little bit of confidence and he's done a really good job from that standpoint.”
 Marty Laroche - “It seems like when things are clicking offensively, we're playing well defensively, too. And when we're not doing one well, it seems to backfire and everything goes wrong. We're trying to find the right balance.”
 Adam LaRoche - “I don't think they'll all be like this. If they are, I'll have a head full of grey hair by the end of the year.”
 Adam LaRoche - “It's just one of those things. I gambled and lost. It just didn't work out. The guys battled real hard, we just couldn't get a couple of balls to fall in the ninth inning.”
 Adam LaRoche - “It's not fun. But we can't quit. We still have a lot of ball left. We can't let this eat at us.”
 Adam LaRoche - “Tough play. I should've ate it. I threw to the inside of the bag, just as I was releasing the ball, he went to the outside.”
 Adam LaRoche - “He can do it all. He doesn't just hit home runs. He drives in a lot of runs and he saves a lot of runs in the outfield. He's got to be one of the top-five all-around players in the league.”
 Adam LaRoche - “I know. I'm the last man standing.”
 Adam LaRoche - “As soon as he didn't break, it didn't cross my mind until after the fact that the pitcher was on first and even though I had to get up, I might have had a shot at getting him at second. If you get a late break on Rollins, nine times out of 10, he's going to beat you to the bag.”
 Adam LaRoche - “It's basically like having two No. 1 starters.”
 Adam LaRoche - “I wouldn't have even known that if you didn't just tell me. It feels like we might have won one game on this entire road trip.”
 Adam LaRoche - “It was decent offensively. We could have scored some more. We got some hits, but we didn't put them together like I thought we should have.”
 Adam LaRoche - “Statistically there was no way they could keep doing what they had been doing the first week and a half of the season. It was gonna turn. It was just a matter of time.”
 Adam LaRoche - “This was a big one because it lets them know that we're not going to lay down and let them win the division.”
 Adam LaRoche - “This trip feels like it has lasted a month. That's what happens when you lose, stuff gets drug out.”
 Adam LaRoche - “It's good to see him happy. He misses everybody he'll always miss being a Brave. It's frustrating to see him there, but to see him enjoying it, to see him liking where he's at, and having (Edgar) Renteria being such a good guy makes it easier.”
 Adam LaRoche - “I don't think we'd have survived the season without having a shortstop that can produce. He's proven he can do that for a long time.”
 Adam LaRoche - “He's huge. I wonder if they've tested him yet.”
 Adam LaRoche - “He froze a few hitters out there. I was impressed.”
 Adam LaRoche - “It was miscommunication, ... It was my fault.”

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