My Favorite Quotes
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 Lyndon LaRouche - “pull this nation together now.”
 Lyndon LaRouche - “This is extremely important. There is a phase shift under way in Congress, which is timely. Many things are coming together with this. If this country is going to survive, it's going to have to change its ways, without DeLay. This gives the Congress an opportunity to make the necessary policy shiftswithout DeLay.”
 Lyndon LaRouche - “The Leesburg Garden Club is a nest of Soviet fellow travelers clacking busybodies in a Soviet jellyfish front, sitting here in Leesburg oozing out their funny little propaganda and making nuisances of themselves.”
 Lyndon LaRouche - “The shift, by the Anglo-Dutch Liberals and their financier-oligarchical rivals and partners, away from emphasis on crown colonies to more or less global financier-oligarchical tyranny, is aptly reflected by a shift of emphasis to the essential predicates of imperialism (e.g., 'permanent regime-change' and 'permanent warfare') from the emphasis on the optional predicate of colonial territory. In both variants, emphasis upon colony, and emphasis on globalized financier-oligarchical power, the sovereign nation-state is the adversary which the imperialist must continually move to subvert and destroy.”