My Favorite Quotes
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 Harry Larrabee - “We're very balanced. Within games, we get spurts from different players.”
 Harry Larrabee - “I'm a big believer that your focus has to be on the game at hand.”
 Harry Larrabee - “This was a defensive battle between two teams that pride themselves in defense. There weren't many open shots, and there weren't any transition baskets. And both teams, because of the defensive intensity, had trouble finding a rhythm.”
 Paul Larrabee - “We don't get to vote on an override, nor do we get to veto. That is clearly the domain of the governor and the Legislature.”
 Paul Larrabee - “Two extra pills a month seems modest, but it adds up when you multiply it times the total number of medications received times the number of recipients. A snowflake grew into an iceberg. That's how it became a 2 million case.”
 Paul Larrabee - “We have had a number of conversations regarding the scope of the letter and expect to be responding shortly.”
 Eileen Larrabee - “The Senate still needs to explain why it's insisting, unlike every other state in the nation, that the Medicaid inspector general would have a five-year term.”
 Paul Larrabee - “We have not studied all of them. Many of them may be sound, while there may be others that merit override consideration.”
 Harry Larrabee - “There's no question this has been a rallying point for students and the community. We were packed at the Bloomington South game (on Jan. 14), and we've had tremendous support at our last four games on the road. It's become a real sixth man for our team.”
 Paul Larrabee - “This is a section of law and jurisdiction that continues to evolve, but because you have really three different services, it is not as clear as it could be.”
 Eileen Larrabee - “We are pleased that the Business Council recognizes that investing in education initiatives is fundamental to the economic well-being of New York state.”
 Eileen Larrabee - “The speaker has been pushing for the elimination of the sales tax on clothing for years and is disappointed in the governor's proposal. It's a tax increase on working families. For the day-to-day life of working families, the elimination would be much more to their benefit.”
 Paul Larrabee - “The facts will determine our next course of action. If there is evidence of criminal impropriety by Nurses on Hand, it will be pursued.”