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 Jay Larranaga - “I just looked on the Internet for certain trends and if anything pops out in the games that Michigan State lost. I think when they attempted less than 16 free throws, they lost every game, and they are a great free throw shooting team. I think there was also was a great discrepancy between wins and losses and how their inside player Paul Davis played. When he played well and scored over 18, 19 points, they usually won.”
 Jim Larranaga - “Will turned to me and signaled for us to go back to the four-out, one-in offense with him in the low post and spread the offense out and give him the ball. And that's exactly what we did.”
 Jim Larranaga - “If any of them lived in Northern Virginia, we would have recruited them just as hard. I don't know why, but there are a lot of good players in Maryland who have shown interest in us. There were a lot of very good players in Northern Virginia we wanted, but for some reason they didn't have an interest in us.”
 Jim Larranaga - “These guys made their free throws down the stretch. We were able to come away and move into the Elite 8 that sounds awfully good.”
 Jim Larranaga - “(Butler) is the leading 3-point shooter in the school's history.”
 Jim Larranaga - “I hope that the message that George Mason made it to the Final Four is not about winning, it's about doing things the right way.”
 Jim Larranaga - “There are so many great coaches who never get to the major level. I hope that I do represent them here.”
 Jim Larranaga - “I told our guys if we're going to be Cinderella, you have to remember Cinderella was a beautiful young lady that turned eventually into a princess, and I don't think our guys want to be referred to as princesses. But, you know, the idea of you kiss a frog and it turns into a prince, you know, kind of like us. Before the tournament began, nobody ever heard of George Mason.”
 Jay Larranaga - “I told our guys, if we're going to be Cinderella, you have to remember Cinderella was a beautiful young lady that turned eventually into a princess. I don't think our guys want to be referred to as princesses, but you know the idea. You kiss the frog and it turns into a prince.”
 Jim Larranaga - “The whole idea is to stay upbeat, positive, totally committed to what we want to do and what we want to accomplish, but just to do it in a relaxed atmosphere. It's not to feel like Oh my goodness, we're here now at the Final Four.”
 Jim Larranaga - “It's unbelievable how the exposure has created interest in who the man was.”
 Jim Larranaga - “I thought that was the best offensive segment we had, where the guys were recognizing what they were looking for and either scoring or finding the open man. But we never did get into that in the second half.”
 Jim Larranaga - “I thought we'd play a good game. I'm shocked we weren't in the game with 3 or 4 minutes left.”
 Jim Larranaga - “Not until I looked up at the clock and there were under two minutes left. It was at 14 or 15 did I realize, 'Gee, we're not going to have a shot at this.' All through the second half, I thought at some point we'd start going into a nice offensive rhythm of inside-outside, taking the ball to the basket.”
 Jim Larranaga - “When you consider we've done something for the first time in the school's history, and only the second time in conference history, you should be excited about that.”
 Jim Larranaga - “It didn't matter what game it was, what time of year it was, what was at stake.”
 Jim Larranaga - “Our players had faced those guys in the summer so there was not a huge fear factor. We hope that will hold true this time.”
 Jim Larranaga - “Familiarity is always important. One of the key elements to our great game in the NCAA first round in 2001 when we faced a very strong Maryland team was that our players had faced those guys during the summer - and so there was not a fear factor. We are hoping that will hold true this time.”
 Jay Larranaga - “I told him, 'You have plenty of time to sleep in another couple weeks,' You're in the NCAA tournament. You can go to the Sweet 16.”
 Jim Larranaga - “We're having a hell of a good time. Having that kind of support is tremendous. The whole D.C. metro area has adopted us. We're all just loving it.”
 Jim Larranaga - “Our league has had an incredible season from top to bottom and start to finish. The league is at its all-time best.”
 Jim Larranaga - “Each event is bigger and better. But that first invitation is the most important and I waited a very long time for that.”
 Jim Larranaga - “I thought we were going to play a great game today. We were in a perfect frame of mind. I was surprised we didn't come back.”
 Jim Larranaga - “I was kidding with one of my assistants. 'We're not just an at-large team, we're an at-extra-large. And if we win today, we're going to be an at-extra-double large.' I can't tell you how much fun I'm having.”
 Jim Larranaga - “These guys are loose. They are having a ball. They are having a lot of fun. They like playing for George Mason University. They like what they have been able to accomplish. They have not felt the pressure of expectations. They have basically continued to do what they have done every day this year, which is to have fun playing ball and playing with each other.”

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