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 Larry Johnson - “As a player, you would love to have him on your team. As a person I just don't know yet. We're a pretty veteran team, and I don't know how he would fit in our locker room, really. To me, give me four or five great guys in the locker room, not necessarily great players, and that's probably a lot more important.”
 Larry Johnson - “We knew the yards were going to be hard. We knew they would try to shut down the run as much as they could. Trent did a good job hitting the receivers on some third-down passes.”
 Larry Johnson - “I just wanted to get my footing down, and those guys did an awesome job up front, ... I (planned) to jump up in there because I didn't think a lot of people would hit me in the head. I didn't go up very far, but I went up straight. I'm glad I landed in the end zone.”
 Larry Johnson - “There's so much information in such volumes that there's a limit to what any analyst can absorb.”
 Larry Johnson - “There seems to be a growing interest among professionals to own their own franchise or retail outlet.”
 Larry Johnson - “Internet stocks are just as unforgiving on the down side as they're forgiving on the upside.”
 Larry Johnson - “I just think running backs can have a dominant role. Everybody looks to quarterbacks to lead the team, but a running back That guy is out there pounding it down. He can be the focal point as far as leadership of the team. He can do it all. I think the smart teams can see that.”
 Larry Johnson - “Shooting on board an airplane requires different, what are called, rules of engagement close-quarter battle. And that's something that you don't wake up and learn in just two or three days.”
 Larry Johnson - “I thought - I'm going to be a goner. I was screaming for my dear life.... It was like hell.... I couldn't breathe for a moment. Then I said, 'It can't end like this.' I'm thankful to be alive.”
 Larry Johnson - “The stock market has done so well, and the rising tide lifts all ships, ... People thought they could buy any stock in the Nasdaq and it would do well.”
 Larry Johnson - “I think he can be a great 4-3 end. If he puts a hand on the ground, he will bring the heat. And he'll do it every play. A guy might get him for four or five plays, but on the fifth or sixth play, he'll get you. He's at full speed all the time.”
 Larry Johnson - “You've got to love a fund that's been through bad markets, ... Young people have never seen bad markets, but it's nice to see some funds that have weathered bad times.”
 Larry Johnson - “It's just tradition. It's been going on so long. My family has been coming here for generations now.”
 Larry Johnson - “If we allow that to happen, then in essence we'll be doing the same thing we accused Saddam Hussein of doing. We'll just be substituting one tyranny for another.”
 Larry Johnson - “People don't think long-term, ... You can wreck your 401(k) with bad stocks. The landscape is littered with stocks that are down 50 percent. And it takes years and years for people to accumulate money in their 401(k).”
 Larry Johnson - “They're young people and they're sitting out there saying, 'Where do I want to go with my money' ... In the investment world, time heals all wounds I can almost assure you the mountain will get bigger in the future.”
 Larry Johnson - “Because we had been receiving applications for two years, people knew we already had a non-profit organization to do the work.”
 Larry Johnson - “Basically, I will say this. It is an unfortunate event that happened to me Friday night,”
 Larry Johnson - “We just started our investigation, ... The SBI is here now, and it is suspicious in nature.”
 Larry Johnson - “With a portfolio this size, you just do the fringe things, no biotech or emerging markets, ... This is a finite pool of money that they won't add to so go plain vanilla with your investments and hopefully you'll return 8 percent a year.”
 Larry Johnson - “We ran on them outside and then ran on them up the middle. They couldn't keep up. They were spent after the second quarter.”
 Larry Johnson - “She was diagnosed with less than a 30 percent chance that she would make it six months or a year.”
 Larry Johnson - “I don't know if anybody thought about it like that. But (the Broncos) do make it go with a lot of different backs.”
 Larry Johnson - “You need a big portfolio to make it work,”
 Larry Johnson - “Before you start investing, you have to make sure you can afford to put money away for a long time,”

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