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 Eric Lascelles - “We've seen some really strong job gains. . .so this is just a bounce-back to reflect that.”
 Eric Lascelles - “Perhaps part of the story for the Canadian dollar is the bump in oil prices and these wholesale numbers, but that's not all that evident in the fixed-income market.”
 Eric Lascelles - “It's hard to imagine that individual month-to-month figures are going to have much bearing.”
 Eric Lascelles - “Clearly, many of these automakers are encountering pretty substantial troubles and I think it is going to be a tough time for both the workers and the companies going forward - we'll just have to see how rough it is.”
 Eric Lascelles - “The intent of that, in my view, is to say they are very cautious about looking forward. A rate hike should not be expected in the same vein that one was expected for today.”
 Eric Lascelles - “We did have a weak University of Michigan confidence index ... but on the flip side, you had the producer price index, which came in a little strong.”
 Eric Lascelles - “There are some weak spots in the report and that's what the market is responding to.”
 Eric Lascelles - “There's no question manufacturers are paying the piper in some sense, in that they did get away with a lot over the 1990s when the Canadian dollar was weak.”
 Eric Lascelles - “The most notable (change) is the insertion of the word 'modest.' And that's been interpreted in a dovish fashion.”
 Eric Lascelles - “It does look like a U.S. dollar story. There doesn't seem to be any obvious fundamental story.”
 Eric Lascelles - “I don't think there has been much of an impact at all from the election because, certainly a minority was expected, a minority was the outcome.”
 Eric Lascelles - “Keep in mind that auto shipments and sales tend to be quite volatile. They've been really going up and down pretty wildly over the last few months, and so I'd be hesitant to read too much into any one reading.”
 Eric Lascelles - “The business sector in Canada continues to grow at a moderate pace.”
 Eric Lascelles - “The manufacturing sector continued to struggle. And in light of the sour business conditions survey ... that trend appears likely to continue.”
 Eric Lascelles - “Today's report poured some further cold water on the outlook for the Canadian manufacturing sector, not that it needed any cooling off to begin with.”
 Eric Lascelles - “(The survey) certainly continues to suggest that the Bank of Canada need not be concerned about inflationary pressures arising from manufacturers.”
 Eric Lascelles - “Today's twin reports provide a further excuse for the Bank of Canada to halt at 4.0 percent after next week's hike.”
 Eric Lascelles - “I don't think this is going to cause the Bank of Canada to differ in its ways. We still think 4 percent (overnight rate) is the likely peak for them.”
 Eric Lascelles - “There is huge strength in employment It shows continued strength in the labor market, which supports the Canadian dollar. The Bank of Canada may look closely at this number and sit up and think about whether they should increase interest rates further. There is probability they may go beyond 4 percent.”
 Eric Lascelles - “The Bank of Canada may look closely at this number and sit up and think whether they should go further. There is a probability they may go beyond 4 percent.”
 Eric Lascelles - “We've been told before that this is the Bank of Canada's favorite measure. So, the Bank of Canada, without question, is going to sit up quite closely and look at this release.”
 Eric Lascelles - “We certainly do think there are another two (rate hikes) left in the Bank of Canada before they tag out.”
 Eric Lascelles - “This ... suggests that the bank is well aware that the six consecutive hikes ... have a cumulative impact that has not yet been fully felt.”
 Eric Lascelles - “Inflation isn't out of hand anyway in Canada. The market may think the Bank of Canada will move less aggressively. It will be a surprise if the bank moves beyond 4 percent.”
 Eric Lascelles - “Basically, it's the same underlying picture and certainly supportive of the monetary policy action they've been undertaking.”